The Sorg Easel

Canadian ordering information

As you probably have already figured, getting one of the easels to you will cost you a little more, not to me, but in shipping and Canadian taxes and duty. Here's the breakdown, and how it works.

The price of the easel itself is the same US$695 as it is in the States.

The shipping charge varies considerably. If you'll call or email me with your postal code I can get you an exact price. It won't necessarily be high, they just seem to vary a lot.

The easel and shipping charges would be paid to me by check or credit card.

The easel is then shipped to the "Bond Shed" nearest you and you'll be contacted by phone by either the freight company or your Customs to pay a duty charge of approximately $100 and a combined tax (PST+GST) of 15%, about $100. You'll also be asked by the freight company if you have a broker to handle this. If not, they'll give you their suggestion and the broker will typically charge a fee for handling these transactions, typically around $50.

They will release the easel to you to take home with you if you have a vehicle that will hold it, or the freight company will pick it up and deliver it to you, which I imagine would add an extra day or two.

All of the dollar amounts above are in US$. The total time to delivery is about two weeks in the East, a bit longer further West (they're shipped from the east coast). So it's not really much more time or money for the easel, just that tax, but then my wife and I pay $885 a month for health insurance... :)

Please call me at 800-578-7439 with any questions or to order. Thanks!

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